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Through the mission of DWM, the hearts

of men and women will be turned to the

Father through the preaching of the Gospel

of Jesus Christ and believers will be empowered to fulfill their callings in life as

they overcome the attacks of the enemy,

through the power of God!


The Heart of
Dennis Walton Ministries

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Dennis Walton is the author of The Bible Revealed. He imparts wisdom and practical truths that teaches 

believers how to live a purposeful life in Christ!

Pastor Dennis Walton is passionate about the Word of God and is dedicated to inspiring people to reach their full potential in life.


He answered the call to full time ministry in 1994 and founded Faith Temple of Christ in 1996. Pastor Walton delivers practical teachings backed with scriptural truths with the intent to impart wisdom and knowledge, driving every believer to live a purposeful life in Jesus Christ.



Pastor Walton has skillfully compiled fifteen lessons into one dynamic book, emphasizing the concepts that will help individuals to reach their next level in christian education!

The Bible Revealed is the perfect resource for small groups, bible studies, and also churches. Whether you are a new believer or a growing christian, this book is for you!

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